Saturday, January 5, 2008

Southern Sunsets

A sunset near my home in Uruguay.
Your comments are welcome.

Southern Sunsets

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~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

Oh this is amazing! Well done! :)

pao said...

i looove the sky. any tips on how to capture such a vivid image of clouds?

Anonymous said...

You say you are a beginner. However, you have some very nice photos on your page. This is one of your best I think. Balanced and interesting composition and well handled exposure.

Second Picture

Digital Polaroids said...


AC Associates said...

Beautiful have a great eye.
Thank you for sharing.

Beginer Photographer said...

Hi Pao and Digital Polaroids, glad to see you here again! I also glad to see new friends here!

Pao, to take this photo I set my camera to aperture priority mode, manual mode works too, and chosen the maximum f number that my camera allows. The picture was taken at sunset, the golden hour, which it's good for the colors that we get. You can see how the clouds get bottom lighting, it only happens at sunset or sunrise.

Also how there was low light I used a mini tripod because it needs longer exposures times.

Bye Friends.

Andruxuy said...

What kind of link keep a Photographer and a great IT Project manager in one guy?
Man, the picture it's incredible! If I don't know you, I can say that you show your emotions in photography, but I know you.. and are a great buddy too!
Please, keep your eye in your camera taking excellent pictures!

Dexter said...

Youve got a nice pic..

Wakish said...

hahah..interesting one :P

pao said...

thanks for the tips. makes me want to visit where you shot the photo, dude. :)

pablo said...

vo tas seguro que so un beginer?