Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pink Flowers

Pink FlowersHow I got this image: I used a long zoom, and a low f-stop. To eliminate
graininess in the background I use Greycstoration a plug-in for Gimp
that works very well and is free.

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Shawn said...

Great shot!

Juha Ylitalo said...

In addition to focal length and aperture, one big factor in getting blurred background is the distance between you, target and the background.
Let's say that your shooting portrait. If you take one image so that for example car is one meter behind your subject. Then take another image so that car is ten meters behind the person (but the keep distance between you and the person same as what it was in first image). On second image all the details in car should look much softer than what they are in first image.

blogzilla said...

I need to get a better camera, I love those photo layouts.

Liza S. said...

This is truly beautiful

Angie said...

Beautiful photo! Makes me long for spring!

I found you through Entrecard -- but will be sure to come back!

Chica said...

Aww thanks for the link love, glad ya like my blog, as I adore your photos. :)