Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dusty Road

Dusty Road

I saw this road one day at sunset. The sun was falling at
the end of the road and the dust was flying each time that
someone passed along it. The image was attractive to
take some photos.

How I took this photo: I returned another sunset,
ready to get some pics and started shooting in aperture
priority mode with a low f-stop to get blurred background.

By the way I get something of dust in the lens of my camera,
so I won't try it again :)

Your comments are welcome.

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Shawn said...

Great shot! Nice work!

hAiLiE said...

It's too bad you won't be trying it again. I love this shot!!! But yeah, I think it's not worth risking the lens, eh? So much more pretty sceneries to take. =)

narissa said...

hi, i got attracted with this picture. sad that you wont be trying this anymore. glad that you tried it even once.

it is the serenity that the picture depicts.. it touches something inside..

Cindy said...

you have some very nice photos here! My e-card will take you to my main blog, but my photo blog is
CJ Nichols Photography

Stop by sometime!

Treehouse Dwellers said...

Cool shot - tried to get something like this down our drive way - will upload it someday soon.

2sweetnsaxy said...

What a great shot!

Augphoto said...

Absolutely stunning photograph!