Monday, February 4, 2008



This skydiver appeared suddenly when I was taking a walk,
and this of course was an opportunity to try some shots.

Hey, this sport looks funny, doesn't it?

How I took this photo: I started shooting in aperture
priority mode, but believe me that was very hard to shot this
way because the subject was in movement and it was cloudy
in one moment and sunny the next. So I remembered that
I had read somewhere that in circumstances like these is
useful to use auto mode. It simplified things a lot, in this
way I could concentrate in keeping the subject in frame.

Recommended blog : I want to start a "new section"
in my posts. Here I'll recommend blogs that
I like and sites that are useful.
I'm going to start with the blog one of the assiduous
commenter in this blog. Her name is Pao Alfonso
and in her blog My Manila she publishes very good
pictures from the city where she lives. She uses one
point and shoot camera and is one of this cases that
proofs that not always is necessary expensive gear
to get good images. Good taste and photographic eye
help a lot.

Your comments are welcome.

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AVCR8TEUR said...

The yellow parachute looks very nice against the partial blue sky. As photographers, we always have to be on the lookout for interesting photo opportunities like the one you took today.

Juha Ylitalo said...

Can you elaborate, what was the added value from using auto mode in your photograph?
In Av mode simple take the smallest f-value that you can with your lens, set ISO Auto (if your camera supports it), AI Servo, default metering (or spot metering), picture mode into RAW to give you levarage on postprocessing and start tracking .
Take a picture, verify that nothing gets blown out in historgram. If its OK, keep on taking more shots. If histogram is leaning to heavily one way or another, make correction to exposure bias and take couple new photos and verify again.

Luis Photographer said...

Hi Juha, that day I was shooting landscapes and was in a high f-stop and for moments there was low light and the image went underexposed. May be lowering the f-stop was worked fine, I really don't remember if I tried it.

What I remember now is where I read the trick of shooting in auto mode, in fact he recommend program mode. Was in the book of Scott Kelby, The digital Photography Book. I like this book because he writes in a very relaxed way and is very practical. About shooting in program mode he recommends use it for city life shots and said something like "I know that it goes against the sacred rules of photography except the one that says that getting the shot is more important that the mode you shoot".

I was a little surprised when I've read it, and also sounds me unconventional, but it has helped me these day.

pao said...

I'd never try a sport like that. *shivers*, nice shot though. it pays to take your camera with you as often as you can, so you won't miss moments like this.

thanks for the plug, luis. *hugs*