Saturday, March 1, 2008

Before the Storm

Before the Storm. Landscape, Sunset

This photo was taken just before a big storm, the atmosphere was
very humid and the sun was with a particular aspect.

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Patty Hankins said...

Very nice photo - I particularly like the way the light reflects in the water. It puts a nice splash of color in that section of the photo

Anonymous said...

thank you for the sweet comment in my blog earlier (^^,) thank's to chica, she makes me addicted to her photo project hehehe...

BTW, i've been scrolling around to all of your photos they are beautiful! and i think you should make the copyright to your photos... at least the pics are labeled with your blogs address or your name... just my 2cents hehehe...


Susanno said...

Speechless ... What an awesome capture.. I really love the sun and the silhouette. Let me continue to enjoying the lovely sun.

Best Wishes

Treehouse Dwellers said...

that is really surreal! Amazing capture. What was the storm like?