Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Old Ford

Old Ford
Old Ford

Here's an old Ford but I really don't know wich model is. Does anyone have any idea?

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Andruxuy said...

Come back the "beginner photographer"!
Great news for me! You are the best man! And now, that you move to the north, we miss you man!!!!

A lot of cheers!!

Bue a ver cuando nos mandas las fotos del norte amista! Porque la bandada quiere conocer el lugar!

Alditus said...

La gente Fina, Recatada, y de buenas costumbres, también queremos apreciar su nuevo entorno,

Saluda a Ud. muy atentamente:

Aldo Lanfranconi

Andruxuy said...

Que chanta mas grande!!!! Por favor! Yo que vos, elimino a ciertas personas de postear comentarios!
Ahhhhhhhh claro, ya entiendo ahora que remontaste vuelo, te haces el fino!!!!!! Andaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Zteps said...

oops... aca tengo que escribir en ingles, en español o frances?

I like the reflection of trees and the modern red car, but I would crop a little in the first one.

Go on, orrevuar, saludos..

pao said...

very nice shots. and a very nice car too! classic.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Someone really took care of that old car. Great pics of a shiny classic!

Jennifer Robin said...

Great shots!

Carcaman said...

nice car. That rate rose in five seconds? In the third world taking pictures more beautiful. Obviously you head full of smoke

busby seo challenge said...

beautiful car. I just dream if I have this car :D

chalacuna said...

very nice vintage car!

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Lesa said...

Great work.