Thursday, June 26, 2008


Change Beach Hope Landscape
Change Beach Hope Landscape

To change a little, this is a sunrise instead of a sunset. Also these are
the last beach photos from Parque del Plata for the moment. I'm moved
to another city so the subjects of my pictures are about to change ...

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maiylah said...

wow ... awesome! feels peaceful!

i hope you've watermarked them ... my shot got "borrowed" just recently and when I asked that it be credited to me the blogger got "angry"! i certainly didn't give her permission to use it ... i was just surprised when i found it at her site while i was EC dropping.
anyway, it's not as gorgeous as your shot, so I hope you've got yours watermarked! :)

happy friday!

Zteps said...

The wave was taken just in time...

the change will be fit ok in your way in the photography.

Strider said...

These are truly great pictures. I am at kindergarten when it comes to photography. Never thought sunrise pictures can be as cool as sunset settings.

Thanks for the inspiration!

The Fitness Diva said...

Wow. Words can't even describe how gorgeous those are.
I love shots of a cloudy sky against the ocean. Cool.

nemo said...

Beautiful shots! Great job :)

Home Business Success said...

Awesome shots. Very relaxing. I tried to Stumble it but got an error message. Thanks for sharing :)


mirage2g said...

Great sky images on the beach!! Spectacular! Have a nice week!