Sunday, July 20, 2008

Petite Italie, Montreal

Petite Italie Montreal CanadaI'm living in a neighborhood called Petite Italie, you know Montreal
is a french speaking city and Petite Italie means Little Italy. Here's a
view of one of its picturesque streets.

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baboyita said...

this is a very nice photo. i'd love to live in a beautiful place like that.

Tripp said...

Your journey as a learning photographer is going well. There's some great imagery here.

Charla said...

I really like your photo! Beautiful picture!

Embassy Pro Books said...

Great shot! It's amazing how much inspiration we can draw from experiencing new cultures and lands.

Sheila McCrea said...

Hello, I am a modern art photographer interested in exchanging links with your blog. I love your work. My blog is below. If interested please send me your link details.


Sheila McCrea

Lux said...

Gorgeous - I love the colors!

Leora said...

These are so lovely. You could submit them or something similar to Ruby Tuesday.

A wonderful angle to photograph. I used to visit my brother in Montreal, when he lived there for four years. Beautiful, charming city.